Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Heart Is Full

This was our last full day in Rome. And was it ever a full day. 

It all started with us catching the Metro to the Roman Forum and the Colosseum - the Flavian Amphitheater. If you want to be overwhelmed, consider the history of these places and the historical figures that walked these hollowed grounds. 

Following lunch we headed to St. Paul's Outside the Walls. This magnificent structure was built near the location where Paul was martyred because of his message and faith. We entered during a mass with hundreds of people in attendance. As we walked in the Jubilee doors (we also walked through the Jubilee doors at St. Peter's Basilica) the congregation and cantor broke out in "alleluias". Our hair stood up on end. We then had our own private service where two young people were baptized, all celebrated their own baptism, and received a blessing and benediction. As one student said, "As I sat there, my heart was full." I believe we all experienced the same through our tears. 

(Photo credit, Maisy Foley)

It was here that we met God. 

Our evening ended with a dinner in a building that was constructed in 230 AD. When we returned to our hotel we had an extended time of sharing. 

Your young people are amazing! I am more than proud of them. I am thankful for all they are and who they are becoming. 
Thank you for your continued prayers. The group heads home tomorrow. They are looking forward to sharing stories of our adventures together. Be patient as the stories come. 

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