Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Post (and a little Ephesus, too)

Hey dads (and moms, grandparents, siblings, et al), we had an amazing day in Turkey. Here are the highlights...
Namik Ilksoy (our incredible guide)
The Basilica of St. John (dates from the 1st century and is where tradition says John, the Evangelist, was buried)
Isa Bey Mosque (a Byzantine mosque named after Jesus)
The retired imam from the mosque
Lunch, lunch, lunch, lunch
The ancient city of Ephesus
The Library of Celsus
The terraced houses 
Trajan conquering the world (ask your student about this's a mind bender)
The theatre that seats 25,000 and is acoustically perfect

But on with the important stuff. Here are Father's Day wishes from your kids (scroll to bottom for pictures)...

Happy Father's Day, pops! I hope Mom and the boys were able to treat you to an awesome day (I'm sure it was tougher than usual, seeing as how I wasn't there), because you definitely deserve it. I love you and I miss you!
Maddie Higgins 

Happy Father's Day!! I hope your having a good day! Sorry I am not able to be with you on Father's Day but I will be home soon! You are such an awesome dad! I love you and miss you! 
Emily Gould 

Happy Father's Day, dad! I hope everything is going well on your bike ride across the country, I can't wait to see you cross the finish line in Maryland and I can't wait to hear all about it. I hope you're having a good day! Love you and miss you, see you soon!
<3 Alexi Zaniker

Happy Father's Day, oh Pappers of mine! I hope you are having fantabulous day without your favorite daughter. I love you to the moon (and back) and wish I could be there, but I can't wait to see you in t-minus a couple days. 
Anna banana

Happy Father's Day dad! I hope you had some time to yourself today and that you gained full control of the tv remote. You deserve it! I hope you like the card I picked out. Be home soon. 

Happy Padgies day!!! Love you so much el daddio! I hope you've had a wonderful day so far and I can't wait to celebrate with you when I get home! Miss you! 
Annie Merritt

Happy Father's Day pops, thanks for everything. Appreciate it. I love you 
Nate Slack 

Happy Father's Day Papa Funke! I love you, and I'm taking lots of feet pictures for you. Enjoy your day with your girls! 
Anna Funke 

Happy Father's Day, Dad! This trip is greater than I could have imagined and thank you for making it possible. 
Grant Chaddock

Happy Father's Day,  Father! You're pretty awesome and couldn't imagine life without you. Thanks for everything you do for Bethany, Ryan, and I. Love you!
Maddie Downs

Happy Father's Day, Jack! Hope you are having a great day and tell mom I have already taken 400 photos. I would love to play 18 holes at the stick when I get back!
Jake Timberlake

Dad, I hope you're having just as much fun if I am! I hope you have a Happy Father's Day, I miss you all and will see you guys soon.

Happy Father's Day! I am so grateful for you and all your great medical advice even in a foreign country! Hope you are having a fantastic day and miss you!
Anna Fulmer 

Happy Father's Day!!  I am so lucky and grateful to have a dad who makes me breakfast every morning. I hope you have a fantastic day and I look forward to giving you a big hug when I get home!

Happy Fathers' Day! I hope you're enjoying your special day.  I'll see you soon- we have to spend more time together before I go to school!  Can't wait to come home and celebrate with you soon!
Love you and miss you,
Hannah (big little) :)

Hey i know that I haven't been there for the past 3 Father's Days but I just want to there'll you that is love you and that you mean the world to me. Haha the world, anyway I hope that you have a good day today and if you go on a boat you suck! 
Love you,
Your one and only daughter 

Happy Father's Day you silly you!  Life is great here in Samos!  I got some stuff for you which I hope you'll like!  You are and will always be the man and God of War lolz!  I love you very much and I'll be home soon! :)

Happy Father's Day! I love you and I think you are very cool most of the time. I hope you're enjoying Indiana or wherever you are. Greece is rad. 

Happy Fathers Day! Hope you are able to play some golf today, that's fine with me as long as you don't use my clubs. I'm sort of jealous if you do play, but I'm here in Greece so I guess that's a bit better. Thanks for being awesome and letting me go on this awesome journey. 
Much love, 

Happy Father's Day! I hope you have a good day. I miss you and wish you were here because I think you'd enjoy a lot of the things were seeing.

Hey Daddio, happy Father's Day! I hope you had a lovely week in Florida and a great day today!  
Love ya bunches, 

Happh Father's Day Bogey! Wish I could be there with you today to celebrate. Wish I could be there with you to celebrate, but we can when I get back. Can't wait to fill you in on everything I've done. 
Love you dad!
Grace Saint

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