Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hannah & Katie

Hey Everyone :) Yesterday was our favorite day by far. The ruins were pretty impressive, which is actually an understatement but we can't figure out how to describe it with words, so I guess our families will have to just come back here and see them. Our guide was the best yesterday, we learned a lot of fun facts. Such as the thumbs up sign of America (see above) in Turkey symbolizes one man searching for four wives. Cute old man alert! When we went to the Mosque of Jesus the Imam (head honcho dude) there also owns a shop right outside.  He was super sweet and wrote all of our names in Arabic.  He was a great example of all the people we've met here because he was just so genuine and excited to have us.  Happy Father's Day! 
               -Hannah and Katie 
P.S. I've been wearing the SPF 50 Mom. Shout out to Rick Griggs the best dad ever! Love you guys and I miss you !!
P.P.S This is Katie haha don't worry Bill I'm alive and well the service/wifi is just a little spotty here.  I guess I miss you all too, haha jk I totes do and love you all too. Bye :)

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