Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Island of Patmos

Kalispera from Samos!

We have arrived on one of the most beautiful Greek islands; the island of Samos.  This morning in Athens, the students had a few options for how they'd like to spend their time.  Some students chose to stay at the hotel to rest and relax a bit, some students went to the Plaka for shopping, some students toured the Temple of Zeus, and some saw the National Gardens. 

 In the afternoon we took a flight from Athens to Samos, where we arrived at the Hotel Arethousa, our home for the next few days.  The students got the chance to swim in the sea and the pool this afternoon for a few hours before we went to dinner at the Doryssa Bay seaside resort.  We also had the chance to do a devotion and reflection time together on the amazing patio outside of the hotel, directly across from the beach.

Tomorrow morning we will be up early to get to the pier where we will take the Flying Dolphin (hydrofoil) to the island of Patmos.  Patmos is famous for being the island that the Apostle John was exiled to for ten years, also where he is believed to have received the Revelation.  

Please be in prayer for us as we enjoy our time on this beautiful island.  Even as we enjoy our travels and learnings, we are very aware of the fact that many people in the nation of Greece are dealing with hardships.  We heard while checking into our hotel today that they have been down 50% in bookings this year.  Many of us in the states can relate to situations such as these in the past few years, so please also pray for the people who make this amazing and life changing experience possible for all of our students.

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I blog with BE Write

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