Monday, June 19, 2017

Love - Family By Choice

On the way back to Indy from Chicago. And as I sit on a quiet bus with a group of tired students and adults, I am overwhelmed by the love these amazing people have shown one another throughout the last eleven days.

They have cared deeply for one another.
They have protected one another.
They have challenged each other.
They have cheered one another on.
They have supported one another.
They have held each other up.
They have spoken simple beautiful truths to one another.
They have loved one another.
They have been church with one another.
They have become family by choice.

Our hearts are full.

Please be patient with the students as they arrive home. It will take them some time to process all they have seen, done, experienced, learned, and felt. You have every right to be proud of this group. They are incredible.

Thank you for your prayers.

Today, we were present.

From communion on the final night. These were our servers. 

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