Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sometimes It Rains In Corinth

Today started with a bus ride to Corinth. This was not just any bus ride. This was a bus ride with the incredible Eleni giving us a master's lesson in Greek mythology, history, and religion. It truly is amazing to sit and hear her teach. She is incredible. After about an hour, we stopped at the Corinthian Canal. This is a canal that was first attempted by Nero with slaves from Judea. His attempt failed. As did several others until 1881. This canal connects the Aegean and the Ionian Seas cutting over 140 dangerous nautical miles off of a sailor's journey.

Following the visit to the canal, we hiked on the acrocorinth. This is the highest point in the ancient city of Corinth with potable water. It has been inhabited for thousands of years. At one point there was a temple on the top dedicated to Aphrodite. This temple then was turned into a church which then became a mosque. The fortifications are magnificent and the views are a wonder to behold.

Then it was lunch time in the city. Our restaurant had a panoramic view of the ancient city. After lunch we began our tour in the archeological museum where we saw statues of Augustus and Nero as well as many artifacts of Corinth. We learned about the Temple of Apollo and the structure of an ancient city. Then we walked in the footsteps of Paul. We walked on the streets he once trod, stood in the places he once stood, marveled at the shop out of which he worked, and saw the vistas he once saw. We were led in worship by Jon and Chelsea under some beautiful pine trees. Jon spoke of Paul's first letter to the church in Corinth and his plea that we remember that we are one. Chelsea was a co-celebrant of Communion with Jon. As the rains came down and the thunder echoed its amen, we considered our part in this story as we drank the cup and shared the bread. We continued our tour in the drizzle past the bema, through the city center, and into the agora where you can still hear the waters of the natural springs running underground.

What a glorious day. What a beautiful journey. What a magnificent group of people. Thank you for joining our journey in your thoughts and prayers.

Peace and Blessings.

Today, we were present.

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