Saturday, June 10, 2017

When Seven Hour Layovers Become a Highlight

Today, or was it yesterday, or perhaps it was both, either way, this was the day that never ended. Bus to Chicago, a flight to Rome, a seven hour layover, a flight to Athens, dinner overlooking the Acropolis, and a birthday celebration. No big deal really! What a way to begin this adventure.

Ostia Antica was a beautiful way to spend a layover in Rome. This beautifully preserved setting was once the major port for the ancient city of Rome that occupied the area where the Tiber River spilled into the Mediterranean Sea. Trade and salt were controlled through this amazing place that now rests over 2 miles from the sea because of centuries of silt buildup. At its busiest, the city had over 100,000 residents. The ruins are magnificent because they were buried by silt and protected from the elements for so long. 

We then boarded a plane and headed for Athens. Once there we took a quick panoramic tour of the city with a brief stop at the Olympic Stadium. We had dinner overlooking the acropolis as the sun set and turned into night. We also celebrated Olivia's 18th birthday with chocolate cake, baklava, and ice cream. 

What a day. Thank you for your prayers. Today we were present. 

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