Sunday, June 18, 2017

This Is It

"Love is real" is how one student captured their experience over these last ten days.
Another said, "Love is the most powerful thing."
Helene, our tour guide in Rome, said, "You show one another such love. And everyone wants to be a part of it." She is semiretired and committed to our group because of the legacy of love. She even led parts of our tour that she bormally would not lead just to be around the group.

Tonight, we shared about our experiences together, and the students agree that this is the most accepting and group of people in which they have ever had the privilege of participating. It has been an amazing ten days. This group of students and their adult leaders are absolutely amazing.

We started this trip with the challenge to . . .
Be present.
Move toward one another.
Makes sure no one is left out or left behind.
Ask the better question.
Be open.
See from someone else's perspective.

We have done all of these things and more.

Today, we added these things as a reminder to take that which we have seen and learned into the rest of our lives . . .
You are loved.
You are accepted.
You are necessary.

Here is what we saw today
The Colosseum

Palatine Hill

The Forum

The Mamertine Prison, where Paul and Peter were prisoners before their executions.

St. Paul's Outside the Walls

What a wonderful day.

Today, we were present.

See you tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers.

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