Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Patmos - The Jerusalem of the Aegean

Today began on a boat, on a boat on the Aegean Sea. We sailed past Grecian Islands on lapis blue water as we made our way to Patmos, the Jerusalem of the Aegean.

Once we arrived we sat in a small gathering area and Chelsea led in a conversation about Revelation 1 to set the stage for our visit. We then made our way into the Cave of Revelation. It is here tradition says that John received the revelation to the seven churches that is contained in the letter by the same name found at the end of the Christian canon. This place is full of mystery and wonder. Following the experience many students expressed how real it made the scriptures to them. One student said, "I met God there." There are no better words to describe our experience. 

We loaded our bus and headed to St. John's Monastery located at the top of the mountain. This beautiful monastery was constructed in the 12th century. Inside is a magnificent church full of wonderful icons of the saints, a courtyard, and a museum that contains many important artifacts including early manuscripts, priestly vestments, jewelry from Kings and queens, and an El Greco icon. It is a privilege to be in such a holy place. 

We then had lunch and time to hang out on the island of Patmos before heading back to Samos for our evening meal. The conversations had were incredible and were evidence of big things going on in the minds of each one of us. 

Thank you for your prayers. 

Today, we were present.   

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