Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day - Chris, Kent, and Evan

  Happy Father's Day Padre! Tell everyone hello for me! I miss you guys. The trip has been awesome so far, and right now we are chilling on the beach in Samos. The gyros are soooo good. The weather is perfect, I may never come back! Just kidding, love you guys and see you all soon.

Hey papa Miiller. Hope you are enjoying your fathers day. I've seen so many cool things on the trip so far. I hope all is well in Indy. I will see you all soon with gifts and pictures. Stay classy Miiiiiiiiiiiiiller family. 

Hey Pops, hope you guys don't miss us too much! I miss you but we're having lots of fun here! The weather has been perfect everyday. Right now we are looking out on the sea from Samos. Everything has been amazing so far. I may just stay here for thenrest of the summer. Love you and Happy Father's Day dad!

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