Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day - Christian, Hunter, Matt, Tom, Rachel, Nathan

Christian: happy Father's Day dad. Hate to miss it but were having a great time. I love you everyone at home. See you soon

Hunter: Happy Father's Day Dad.  I wish you could be here on Samos to share this amazing view of the beach and whether. I love you and I will see the family in Rome in three days!

Matt: Hey dad, hope you are enjoying Father's Day!!!! Samos is gorgeous and simply breathtaking!! I miss you, I will see you on the 20th! 

Tom: Happy Fathers Day!!! There are so many places here that you could be taking photos. It's absolutely amazing here!! I will be sure to find a roman mug for you in Rome! I love you dad!! 

Rachel: happy Father's Day dad:) I'm sorry I can't be there right now:( I hope u and mom are having a great time at home!!!! Hope max is behaving:);):) I'm having an incredible time here!! I love it so much and I know that it is helping my faith grow so much everyday.  Dad, im thinking about u here and i am so proud of all of your hard work! u inspire me so much;)I miss u guys and I will see u soon! Luv u both:)

Nate: hey dad! Happy Father's Day. I realize its only 7 there so I hope you're still asleep. I hope the weather is nice so you can take the car for a spin. I know you want to. Europe is amazing. Can't wait to show you pictures. Love ya, Nate. 

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