Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Full Day of Wonder and Amazement

"I can't believe I'm here. I just can't believe I'm here." This phrase was heard over and over again today as our group spent the entire day walking through the streets and sites of Athens.  

Our first stop this morning was the Theater of Dionysus, one of the earliest preserved theaters of the ancient world.  It rests on the side of the acropolis.  It was constructed for perfect acoustics.  It seated somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 spectators.  We had choice seats as we listened to Eleni Elaine our surroundings.

Our next stop was the ancient auditorium constructed by Herod Atticus.  As we overlooked this massive structure, it didn't take much to imagine some of the worlds most famous performers on stage.  

Them around another turn we went and were face to face with the magnificence of the acropolis.  There is not much that can be shared to express the overwhelming power of the architecture and history encountered on that hill.  The Temple of Nike (wingless victory), the Erechtheion dedicated to Poseidon, and of course the Parthenon in all of its glory.  To think that these were the very buildings seen by the throngs of visitors from antiquity including the Apostle Paul.

We then visited Mars Hill, the scence of Paul's famous speech to the Areopagus found in Acts 17. This is where Paul appealed to the art, sculpture, poetry, and religious life of Athens to state his case for the Gospel.

Our day together also included two incredible meals of delicious Greek food and a visit to the new Acropolis Museum where many of the artifacts from the acropolis are now housed.  

What an amazing day.  What an incredible journey. 

"I can't believe I'm here. I just can't believe I'm here."

Thank you for your prayers. Tomorrow, we travel to the picturesque island of Samos.  

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