Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unexpected Delay/Unexpected Joys

We had an unexpected longer day in Athens today.  It was spent strolling throughout the city, climbing up to the top of Filopappos Hill, visiting the Temple of Zeus, shopping a bit, and eating a good lunch.  

We finally boarded a plane and headed for the amazing island of Samos. We were greeted by an incredible buffet dinner at Doryssa Bay Seaside Resort. Then it was off to our rooms and to bed for a short night of rest at Hotel Arethousa.

Tomorrow, we board the Flying Dolphin hydrofoil in Samos on the way to the mysterious and beautiful island of Patmos. Can't wait to fill you in on the wonderful details tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers.  They have buoyed us. 

One more picture of the group in the agora at the base of the acropolis in Athens listening to Eleni.

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