Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day - Sarah, Nancy, Hannah, Kirsten, Ali

We love hanging out by the pool Samos! We just enjoyed gyros by the pool! 

Hey Dad! We love you and miss you! You would love it here-we're walking all over and seeing lots of cool stuff! Thanks for this experience. Happy Fathers Day.  Love you! Love, Noony Noo and Sarah Sue aka Sarah and Nancy 

Hey Dad! Europe is so awesome. I wish I could share this awesome experience with you and the fam. I miss you and can't wait to see you Thursday. I hope you have an amazing Father's Day! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on such an amazing trip! Love you! Love, Hannah 

I love and miss you and mom, although given the chance I would probably never go home, but you would love it here. I'm having an amazing time here in Europe (mostly, we spent the majority of yesterday in Asia). Can't wait to see you and go to Emerald Isle with everyone. Thanks for everything you do for me! Love you and have an amazing Father's Day!!
Love, Kirsten

Hey daddy!  I love ya sooooo much.  And miss the family lots. Let me say HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO YOU!  I hope it's spectacular.  This trip is absolutely amazing and I can't thank you enough.  I shall see you soon .  Gotta get a shovel for my cake.  Love ya!
Much love always, 
Ali or better known as alzigator28
   """"V.  ))

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